Watery phase pump

Specially to use in Bitumen Emulsion Plants
Our centrifugal pumps operate by developing high flow speeds and turning that speed into pressure in a decreasing flow rate. Its installation is vertical and has a hydraulic seal system allowing the use of the unit empty of fluid without causing damages because there is no friction among its parts (like the mechanical sealed pump, stuffing box, etc.)

We also have an innovative centrifugal mechanical hydraulic seal, that in addition to the characteristics of hydraulic seals it also avoids leakage between the on and off action of the engine. The construction of this seal is made in different kinds of materials according to the fluid it will pump (Monel 400, Stainless Steel, Titanium, etc.) For the correct choosing of the material you need to bear in mind: – the kind of fluid to pump, – flow, -temperature of the fluid, -viscosity, -unload pressure, -anpa available. Our equipment fits Chemical Industry, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Fishing, Leather, Paper, Food, Cosmetology, etc.

Installation: Vertical.
Component: Polypropylene
Type of Seal:
Centrifugal mechanical hydraulic or hydraulic seal
Maximun Working Temperature: 100 ºC

Model MS-E
Electrical Engine: 0,5 HP; 2800 RPM; 220/380 V; 50 Hz;
Protection IP 55; Metal Lined100 %
Suction Lift: 1″ Ø
Pumping: 1/2″ Ø
Installation: Under liquid level
Measures: in milimiters

Model RZ-1
Electrical Engine: 1 HP; 2800 RPM;
220/380 V; 50 Hz;
Protection IP 55; Metal lined100%.
Suction Lift: 1″ 1/2 Ø
Pumping: 1″ Ø
Installation: RZ-1-E under fluid level.
RZ-1-R over fluid level.
Measures: in milimiters

Model RZ-3
Electrical Engine: 2 HP; 2800 RPM;
220/380 V; 50 Hz; Protection IP 55; Metal lined 100%.
Suction Lift: 1 1/2″ Ø
Pumping: 1″ Ø
Installation: RZ-3-E Under fluid level.
RZ-3-R Over fluid level.
Measures: in milimiters

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