Transportable asphaltic plant

Hot asphalt concrete elaboration, for a production from 10 to 15 ton/hour, continuous type production with drum dryer-mixer

On a chassis is mounted, the drum dryer-mixer, the hopper of barren, cartridge belt and the ventilator of induced shot, the electrical connections are by means of multiple plugs. Frame is constructed of normal profiles, is reinforced structurally, with legs of support for work and axis for transport type semi tows

Two hoppers, constructed in steel plate of 1/8″ of thickness with structure of normal profiles, mouth of load of 2.400 mm x 2.500 mm, system of unloading by a transporting tape by hopper.

Optional: One or three hoppers

Of rotating type, divided in two zones one of drying; with you praise interiors of design so that they provide a curtain of barren balanced to obtain an efficient drying of such; and mixed other of, provided with ready trowels to obtain a perfect homogeneity of the elaborated material. The drum is mounted on two tracks that lean in four (4) horizontal rolos and two (2) verticals, mounted on centrantes armored bearings car, for its drive is provided with an electrical reducing motor

The heating system is provided with a burner for combustible diesel oil or gas, ventilator of average pressure with electrical motor of 10 HP, fuel pump with electrical motor of ½ HP, valve pressure controller and micrometric valve for the flame regulation

Directly to the furnace by means of gears pump of 11/2″ heated with electrical motor of 3 HP, installed in the same frame of the tank of storage of asphalt and ready valves to allow to the calibration and tank recirculation

Type semi connected, formed by longitudinal profiles reinforced structurally with four welded supports electrically. It takes an asymmetric steel axis, elliptical elastics semi, conical maces with bearings, for pneumatic rolling 900-20. System of driven mechanical brakes of pneumatically, levies of progressive action, valve relay with emergency action that restrains automatically in case uncouple accidental, connects to the truck tractor. Lateral and back prescribed lights and file of connects to the truck. A platform in the lateral part is placed to facilitate the maneuvers of the operator, for blow and mudguard. The tires will have to be provided by the buyer

Of the type tape driven by reducer and three-phase electrical motor of 5.5 HP of power totally covered allowing to elevate the material elaborated from the unloading of the mixer drum to the load of the truck

Of type centrifuge action by strap and three-phase electrical motor with regulating claveta of air flow

Board of watertight command with double cover that allows to operate the plant from a lateral one of the same one, with pulsers of command, thermal cocking mechanisms, protectors, lights witnesses, fuses, key of general cut and conductors of sobredetermine the proportions section

The equipment is given properly finished and painted with antioxide and enamels synthetic

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