Separator phase

Phase Separator
* New technology for even higher efficiency.
* State-of-the-art materials.
* Flexible, modular design.

The phase separator consists of modular components of a flexible system – no compromises, easy to upgrade and to modify. The basic idea of the phase separator is embodied in the phase separation stage. It comprises the base plate, the phase separative elements, which perform the function of separating the droplets in the process, and the cross support. The phase separation stage forms a functional unit which is easy to handle. Simple upgrading and adaptation are a basic design principle.

The dimensions of the phase separator vessel are determined on the basis of the process calculation. If pressure vessels are used, each phase separator is calculated separately in compliance with the country-specific regulations.

There are no restrictions as to the vessel material:
– Steel
– Stainless steel
– Plastic
– With inner coating, e.g. rubber coated or enamelled

In many cases also existing vessels or separators may be upgraded with a phase separation stage as a functional unit.

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