Hot oil boilers

Single grain, of serpentine with internal isolation: automatic operation.

CAPACITY: 120.000, 240.000, 480.000 Kcal/h
FUEL: Diesel oil or Gas
CONNECTIONS: Standardized bridles diameter 1½” of sent and return

Body of welded carbon steel electrically, with covers bolted in both sides for easy inspection of serpentine and home. Internal heat insulation of 50 mm of ceramic mantle, that besides to isolate thermally protects the structure of the heat body and gases. Frame of profiles with izaje eyebolts. Serpentine of tube without seam ASTM A53 sch 40 diameter 1½”

Of constant section diameter 1½” with zone of measurement diameter 2 1/2″

Centrifugal type, with three-phase electrical motor of 5.5 HP 2800 RPM

Automatic type, operation to oil gas, On-off, with ventilator and incorporated pump of oil gas. Programmer with flame control and automatic ignition. The equipment takes filter for oil gas.

Lodged in watertight cabinet, cocking mechanisms, protections and button sellers Siemens, Telemecanique or Lovato mark. Elements of control and security Danfoss and Stork.

The boiler is of totally automatic operation, with which it is able to increase the yield of the equipment saving combustible and increasing the life utility of the ignition system.

A controller administers the operation of the burner counting on security system with a control marks Stork by excess of temperature or fails of the main system, the boiler counts on alarm by low level of oil, lack of fuel, low pressure of circulation, excess of temperature; in all the cases the operation of the burner is interrupted, sounds a sonorous alarm and a luminous signal individualizes the fault. The installed command teams and security make that this equipment is highly reliable, safe and efficient, not requiring personal specialized for their operation.

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