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Constructed in steel plate of 3,17 mm of thickness, 6,000 liters of capacity, welded electrically with double inner and outer seam. The tank was given thermally isolated by means of mineral wool, disguised in stainless mouth, steel plate of inspection step man, level floating type with mark of minimum level with scale of intervals of 500 liters and rule graduated in the superior
part of the tank, non skid superior footbridge with lateral stairs, platform of operation, located these in functional form with the object of facilitating the necessary operations and verifications.

By steel tubes without seam, with double circulation and outer exit by box of smoke designed with the object of avoiding fire return two burners to kerosene of the anti gas type to serpentine, tank pressurized by means of manual pump and air to pressure generated by of the truck.

By bars of tensile type, central section of 2.000mm and two folding sections of 800mm., the separation center to center of tips is of 100mm. which will favor a compact irrigation and uniforms. The faucets have valves of individual closing commanded by manual system of opening. The movable unions are conical, on approval of dripping. The height of the bar can be regulated by manual mechanical system and has ties for its transport. The irrigation pump is of the type to helical gears specially projected for asphaltic materials, with approximated volume of 1,200 lts. per minute. For the drive of the same one it has a motor diesel type four cylinders located in the later part, with respective box of speed (four marches and backward movement), engages dry monodisc of mechanical command and connection by means of universal joint between clutch and pump.

The pressure of the same one is controlled by regulating valve and handles of circulation that will allow the work of bars in all their extension. It has in addition tachometer driven by pneumatic wheel with the object of controlling the speed in the irrigation which allows to raise and to lower the same one manually. The totality of the controls including those of the pump and the motor, are located in the back platform and allow to water by bar, to water by lance, to recirculate, to load and to unload the tank.

By the flexible hose of 25.4 mm of diameter and 6,000 mm in length, complemented with the lance provided with thermal handle and tip of irrigation.

The equipment is given with the following instruments and accessories for its normal operation, two thermometers 0-300ºC of the types column and clock, a pressure gauge (control of irrigation pressure), a vacuum-gauge (control of aspiration of the asphalt pump), tacometro (control of pump revolutions), marginal plates (for obtaining of defined edges), a portatil burner flame thrower for empties of tips when it works with asphalt cement, a flexible metallic hose for load (76 5 mm x length), necessary toolbox for the good operation of the equipment.

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