Asphalt slurry seal truck

Aggregates Hopper: 6 (six) cubic meters of capacity, constructed in steel folded of 4.76mm (3/16″) welded electrically and reinforced externally with normal profiles, the hopper of barren is provided with a hopper of filler electrically of 260 kilos of total capacity constructed in welded steel. Tankers: The equipment has a tank of emulsion of 2,200 liters of capacity constructed in plate folded of 3.17mm (1/8″) of thickness connected to the pump by means of pipes of 76mm (3″) of diameter, a water tank of 2,200 liters of capacity constructed in plate folded of 3.17mm (1/8″) of thickness connected to the water pump by means of pipes of 38.1mm (1 ½”) of diameter.

The feeding and metering of aggregates are made by means of a transporting rubber tape and fabric of 600mm of wide mounted on rollers, adjustable by means of driven rotating floodgate manually from the outside, the feeder of filler is of continuous type by nourishing spiral with fine hydraulic regulation, the emulsion is added by means of pump of 2″ heated by water of the motor of combustion, adjustable by means of valves with return to tank, for the irrigation and humectacion of aggregates it is provided by a centrifugal pump of (1 ½) and one bar of irrigation peaky with pulverization of flat fan.

The mixer is of continuous type to trowels with two longitudinal axes mounted on axial armored bearings, the exit regulation is obtained by means of a floodgate to hydraulics that unloads the grout in the distributor.

Allows to distribute until a wide one of 4,000 mm and is equipped with two (2) distributing spirals with their corresponding hydraulic motors, the elevation for the transfer and the lateral displacement for the correction of alignment of distribution is obtained by means of driven hydraulic cylinders from the command platform.

The motor equipment is constituted by diesel engine, cooled by water. The board of control of the motor has pressure gauges of oil, temperature, load of alternator, counts and hours revolutions, and key of starting.

The power transmission is made by means of a located hydrostatic transmission in the later part of the motor that drives the transporting tape, pump of emulsion, water pump, the nourishing spiral of filler and distributing spirals of the distributor.

The equipment is given with two hands of chromate anti oxidize and two synthetic enamel hands.

The chassis or truck adapted for the assembly of the equipment would be provided by the client.

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