Asphalt pavers

General Dimensions

Length: 2438 mm

Mínimum Wide (transport): 2997 mm

Wide Maximum (operation): 2997 mm

High Total: 1651 mm

Weight: 3832 Kg.

Truck Delivery(*): 533 mm

(*) It represents the height from the ground to the floor of the asphalt hopper

Capacities on watch reservorio (liters)

Hydraulic 75.70
Fuel 45.42


Completely floating and adjustable – Heated by exhaust gases and propane – Vibratory – Extensions handled hydraulically variable Adjustment of thickness

Material Nourishing

Independent doors hydraulically operated – optional Door with cut plates – Hopper of asphalt with fall by gravity – independent Screw handled hydraulically – Doors of feeding of extensions

Transmission configuration

Hydrostatic steel caterpillar adjustable car – Speed of 0-39 m/min- continuous Rotation – Valve of fine direction of sintonia

Operator platform

Double isolated platform – Controls of operation to both sides Ample visibility on the asphalt hopper – Valve of exhaust gases deviation for the heating of the platform

Hydraulic system

Hydrostatic pump of volume variable – Pump of hidraulica transmission to the nourishing screws – independent hydraulic Pump for the hydraulic oil cylinders – Cooling


Diesel engine with electrical ignition Isuzu -4lc1 41 HP. Cooled by water – 12 volt 35 amp

Operation Characteristic

* Paving wide from 2,40 to 3,60 meters * Paving thickness 0 to 15 cm * Hopper Capacity 6 tn

Contact information

  • +54 114754 - 9374
  • +54911-6351-6288
  • Calle 28 3332 - San Martín, Provincia de Buenos Aires - Rep. Argentina

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