Asphalt emulsion portatile plant

Solga 50/2 Plant, capacity 5/10 m3/hour, with storage tank for emulsion, approx. 5 m3 capacity, placed on the top of the plant.

The Solga Plant permit to:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Alter with great facility the ratio in percentage between water and bitumen
  • Produce acid or basic emulsion
  • Control product quality on sample before starting final production
  • Save menpower
  • Electrical panel with all the controls and start.
  • Thermostatic valve to maintain automatically the emulsion temperature in the storage tank.
  • Two counterweight indicate the bitumen and water quantity in the basin.
  • Mill and pump with valves to fill with emulsion the storage tank and to agitate the product.
  • The bitumen pump heated with oleotermic oil: the water pump self lubrificated.
  • All drives are automatically controlled
  • Geared volumetric pump, placed at the base of the plant, will allow to store the emulsion onto charge directly the lorry tankers.
  • In the rear part of the plant there is the place to put in the additives for the emulsion and to control their agitation.

The production range does includes in addittion:

  • Asphalt storage and heating plant
  • Steam producers with diatermic oils
  • Diatermic oil heaters
  • Asphalt spreading and transport tanks
  • Welters for bitume in drums or blocks
  • Equipment for road maintenance
  • Burning oil heaters and heat exchangers
  • Plants for bitume fluidification serial MC1/ MCO
  • Asphalt and resins mixers
  • Central heating groups to heat up machines in the field of paper and boards with bitume backing
  • Fabric bag filters
  • High performance sludge dehydrator
  • Conglomerate plants

Contact information

  • +54 114754 - 9374
  • +54911-6351-6288
  • Calle 28 3332 - San MartĂ­n, Provincia de Buenos Aires - Rep. Argentina

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