Asphalt emulsion additives

DEMUL A is an additive of cationic polarity which promotes the attachment of bituminous material on surfaces with negative charge.

* CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Alquil amine – amide – imidazoline
* CARACTERISTICS: Cationic contribution promotes attachment on arid grounds of silicon type. Displace the cover that is generally found covering the density surfaces of negative charge promoting the arid asphalt attachment. It can be used on all types of asphalts, including those which contain polymers.
* DOSAGE: Used in doses of 0.2 to 0.4% on the asphalt obtaining a cover of between 90 and 95 %.
* USE: Incorporated to the asphalt through pumps, and then it is re-circulated until a complete homogeneity is achieved. It must not be exposed to temperatures above 180ºC.
* PRESENTATION: Iron drums 200 liters each one.

DEMUL E is an emulsifier for manufacturing rapid cationic asphalt emulsions

* DESCRIPTION: Alquil amine – imidazoline.
* ASPECT: Dark viscous liquid. Aspect and color changes do not imply a change in the product’s properties.
* SOLUBILITY: Low in water with neutral pH. At pH 2 a stable dispersion is produced.
* DOSAGE: The quantity of the emulsifier depends, among other issues, type of asphalt, and dust quantity contained in aggregates. The emulsifier dosage is generally from 0.25 to 0.35 % w (from 2.5 to 3.5 Kg per ton of finished emulsion)
* PRESENTATION: Iron drums of 200 Kg each one.

DEMUL L is an emulsifier to manufacture slow and super stable cationic asphalt emulsions

§ Amine – imidazoline of natural mixtures resins.
§ Aspect: a solid brown dust.
§ Solubility: Scarce in water pH neuter, pH 1 – 2 a complete dissolution is obtained by shaken
§ Properties: The characteristics of the final emulsion depend on:

§ The nature and type of the asphalt utilizing

§ The dosage of DEMUL L

§ The water solution pH

Although all these factors must be previously evaluated by tests carried out in laboratories, DEMUL L allows the preparation of slow and super stable emulsions of excellent quality which is suitable for most of the road asphalts. DEMUL L can also be successfully used with different rocky aggregates, since it is possible to obtain slow breakage but quick healing emulsions (set time 15 minutes) suitable for the manufacture of both, slurry, which needs a quick opening to the traffic, and super stable emulsions, which need to be mixed for a long period without breaking the emulsion.

* DOSAGE: We recommend DEMUL L uses in doses for slow or super stable emulsions vary from 0.5 to 0.8 % (between 5 and 8 Kg per ton).
* USE: To facilitate DEMUL L dissolution it is convenient introduce 50% of the total amount of water to be used into the emulsion and heat it (60ºC – 70ºC).
* Add hydrochloric acid to keep pH between 1.5 and 2.
* Add DEMUL L slowly and shake it in an energetic way for 30 minutes.
* Add the rest of water and control the pH until it reaches the expected value. Keep on shaking it for another 30 minutes.
* PRESENTATION: 30 Kg. Bags.

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